Ron Stolberg, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Consultant
        Dr. Stolberg is a licensed clinical psychologist with an emphasis in child and family therapy.  His private practice as a psychologist focuses on children and adolescents with high risk and acting out behaviors.  As a strong advocate for family therapy he believes that therapy with children should always include the family members as well. He is currently the president of the Board of Directors at the Winston School. The Winston School is a nationally renowned private school for children with learning disabilities and a history of poor academic performance.
            Dr. Stolberg has served as the head psychologist for the hit CBS television reality show Survivor and conducts high level security clearance screenings at federally regulated facilities, such as nuclear power plants. He has been approved as a certified Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) and has conducted evaluations for the Family Court System. Most recently, he was asked to head up a crisis and support team for the World Surf League which consists of the top male and female professional surfers competing in contests around the world.
            In addition to his clinical private practice, Dr. Stolberg has an active role in educating and mentoring future psychologists. As an Associate Professor at Alliant International University he teaches a variety of doctoral level courses including those focused on developing clinical skills and working with children and families. In his role at the university Dr. Stolberg regularly presents research findings at local, national, and international conferences. His contributions to the field of psychology have been featured in textbooks and journals published by Oxford University Press, Guilford Press, Routledge, and the American Psychological Association (APA). He is a contributing author to Therapeutic Assessment with the MMPI-2: A positive psychology approach published by Routledge in 2011 and has authored several important chapters in seminal texts used in clinical psychology.  His work has also been featured on the BBC World Service Health Check, newspapers in the United States and Germany, prominent psychology websites, and he has been interviewed by freelance journalists for articles related to the field of psychology. Dr. Stolberg has made more than 75 presentations at major conferences across North America. In addition, he has presented internationally about substance use and crisis management in professional sports.
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About the Authors:
We are both clinical psychologists, married, and raising two boys, 11 and 14
years old. So far, the boys share that it isn't too bad having two parents who
are child psychologists. One is in middle school and the other is in high
school, so they are in the throws of the Instant Gratification Generation. As
parents, we  face the same daily challenges  of raising kids in this
generation as the parents who will be reading this book.
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We are seeing a trend of children and teens whom are becoming more dependent on adults and technology to solve their problems.

“I have worked extensively with Drs. Stolberg and Sweetland, and I know from first-hand experience that their work with children and
parents is excellent. They are a terrific husband and wife team that is well known in the world of psychology, and they are very much respected by their clients and by their peers."

Jerry Sherk M.A.
President, Mentor Management Systems
Former NFL All-pro defensive lineman

“Dr. Sweetland  has  an empathic and genuine understanding of  the challenges  that parents face when raising children and teens in this
generation.   Her guidance to parents is  effective and provides  families  a strong understanding of these challenges and practical guidance  in
raising  and supporting their children.”

Dr. Dana Fillmore
Internationally recognized marriage and family expert and psychologist of the
Strong Marriage Now System  and author of
Happily Ever After: How To Be Happily Married To The One You Already Married.

“Dr. Stolberg was great working with the contestants of Survivor. He was at his best giving advice to each individual as
they went through a
very stressful time. His attitude and manner gave us all a professional sense of confidence in a relaxed setting.”

Jimmy Johnson
Fox NFL Commentator and
Former NFL Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Survivor contestant.

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We show parents how to identify 5 parent traps that support
children’s need for instant gratification.
Each chapter offers tip-friendly solutions for problems relevant for
raising children of all ages. 
Darlene Sweetland, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Consultant

     Dr. Sweetland is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience specializing in work with children, adolescents and young adults.  She has served as Head Psychologist at a private school for students with learning disorders, Clinical Director for an agency for individuals with developmental disorders, and currently maintains a successful private practice in Del Mar, California.  She is established as a sought after specialist in the areas of child and family therapy.  Engaging parents, teachers, coaches, and tutors in her work with children and adolescents is a very important part of her practice.
In addition to her therapy practice, Dr. Sweetland is a specialist in comprehensive assessments for students with learning disorders and ADHD. The focus of the assessment is not only to identify a cognitive challenge, but to establish an overall learning profile, including social and emotional functioning. When completing these assessments she works closely with teachers, school administrators, psychiatrists, and social workers. Therefore, in addition to speaking to many parents each week, this offers her the unique opportunity to frequently visit schools and consult with experts in education about the challenges of this generation of students. 
Throughout her career, Dr. Sweetland has loved her work with individuals with developmental disorders, including autism and intellectual disabilities. She is the co-author of Intellectual Disabilities and Psychiatric Disorders: A Guide to Assessment, Treatment, and Training (2011), which has been the primary training guide in psychiatric hospitals and mental health agencies for professionals working with individuals who are dually diagnosed with an intellectual disability and co-occurring mental health disorder.  She is a highly sought speaker by agencies and organizations around the country.  She has presented to more than 5,000 people around the country.  Because of her expertise in intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders, she provides training to hospitals, community mental health agencies, probation departments, and programs for drug and alcohol addiction.