We are seeing a trend of children and teens whom are becoming more dependent on adults and technology to solve their problems.
Praise for Authors and Teaching Kids to Think

“I have worked extensively with Drs. Stolberg and Sweetland, and I know from first-hand experience that their work with children and parents is excellent. They are a terrific husband and wife team that is well known in the world of psychology, and they are very much respected by their clients and by their peers."

Jerry Sherk M.A.
President, Mentor Management Systems
Former NFL All-pro defensive lineman

“Dr. Sweetland  has  an empathic and genuine understanding of  the challenges  that parents face when raising children and teens in this generation. Her guidance to parents is  effective and provides  families a strong understanding of these challenges and practical guidance in raising  and supporting their children.”

Dr. Dana Fillmore
Internationally recognized marriage and family expert and psychologist of the
Strong Marriage Now System  and author of
Happily Ever After: How To Be Happily Married To The One You Already Married.

“Dr. Stolberg was great working with the contestants of Survivor. He was at his best giving advice to each individual as they went through a very stressful time. His attitude and manner gave us all a professional sense of confidence in a relaxed setting.”

Jimmy Johnson
Fox NFL Commentator and
Former NFL Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Survivor contestant.

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We show parents how to identify 5 parent traps that support
children’s need for instant gratification.
Each chapter offers tip-friendly solutions for problems relevant for
raising children of all ages. 
About the Authors:
We are both clinical psychologists, married, and raising two boys, 13 and 16
years old. So far, the boys share that it isn't too bad having two parents who
are child psychologists. One is in middle school and the other is in high
school, so they are in the throws of the Instant Gratification Generation. As
parents, we  face the same daily challenges  of raising kids in this
generation as the parents who will be reading this book.
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Why we wrote the book
We wrote this book because we have seen a significant change in the issues that we
address in therapy over the past five to seven years. There has been a dramatic increase
in the intense reliance in instant gratification with so many of the kids we see. Many
children have always desired instant gratification, but we are seeing kids panic, meltdown,
and become very anxious when their needs are not met immediately. In addition, they
look to others to meet these needs for them, rather than solving problems on their own.
We are seeing a trend of children and teens whom are becoming more dependent on
adults and technology to solve their problems.
We identified why this is happening, what the differences are for kids in
this generation, and what parents can do to change the trend.
We have both been in the field of psychology more than twenty years working with
children, adolescents, and their families. We are on the campus of 30 to 50 schools per
year talking with teachers, coaches, and administrators. Therefore, we have a unique
perspective from those who are mentoring and educating children in the Instant
Gratification Generation. We identified why this is happening, what the differences are for
kids in this generation, and what parents can do to change the trend. Ultimately, kids in
the Instant Gratification Generation are being taught not to think. We wrote this book to
show parents how to change that.
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NPR radio show - KPBS Midday Edition
Two San Diego child psychologists have written a book, “Teaching Kids to Think,” about how a life filled with instant gratification can produce unintended consequences.

The book by husband and wife Ron Stolberg and Darlene Sweetland was released last month.

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San Diego Union Tribune
Apps are constantly being developed that allow people to communicate their thoughts and feelings with others. In most cases these social networking tools help bring people together and promote positive interactions. Unfortunately, many of the newer ones encourage anonymous communication. This opened the option of posting negative, demeaning and threatening content while believing the author was anonymous. The result is an increase in aggressive cyberbullying that is far-reaching.
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"Teaching Kids to Think named was one of "Publisher's Weekly Select 2015 Parenting Titles!

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"Teaching Kids to Think awarded a Non Fiction Book Award!

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