Dr. Sweetland and Dr. Stolberg have enjoyed meeting thousands of people around the country doing key note addresses, trainings, and presentations.  Here is a list of some of their presentation topics. For speaking inquires please contact the authors at

Teaching Kids to Think in the Instant Gratification Generation

The Top 5 Ways to Raise Independent, Considerate, and Thoughtful Children

Celebrate Mistakes! It Promotes Brain Development and Confidence

Are We Providing Children What They Really Need to Succeed?: Why Focusing on GPA and  Honors Classes May Hinder Your Child’s Success?

The Explosive Teen: How to Learn to Communicate, Set Limits, and Engage Your Teenager

It is More Than the Academic Resume: What the Experts Say are the Most Important Predictors of College Success

The Phones Might Be Smart, But What About Us?: How to Use Technology to Help, Not Hinder Development in Children

How to Keep Up With Your Children on Social Media: What Are the Limits, Should You Spy, and How to Engage Your Children to Talk with You About It

Will My Child Be Ready to Launch?: How to Prepare Your Children to Leave Home with Confidence

My Child Did Not Leave Home Confidently: What Do I Do Now?

Understanding Educational Testing: What Does It Mean for an Individualized Education Plan?

What Do Those Scores Mean?: Learning How to Interpret the Scores in a School  Assessment

My Child Learns Differently: Understanding Learning Disorders, ADHD, and Social  Skills Challenges
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About the Authors:
We are both clinical psychologists, married, and raising two boys, 11 and 14
years old. So far, the boys share that it isn't too bad having two parents who
are child psychologists. One is in middle school and the other is in high
school, so they are in the throws of the Instant Gratification Generation. As
parents, we  face the same daily challenges  of raising kids in this
generation as the parents who will be reading this book.
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We are seeing a trend of children and teens whom are becoming more dependent on adults and technology to solve their problems.
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We show parents how to identify 5 parent traps that support
children’s need for instant gratification.
Each chapter offers tip-friendly solutions for problems relevant
for raising children of all ages.